The best natural balance for helping me with back problems that I developed while going through lot of stressful situations few years ago. Yours is a truly unique approach that has worked wonders on me. Thank you very much Eva”

Rafael Jimenez

”I would consider myself a person who is very protective of her privacy, which sometimes has taken the wrong path in the way that I used to keep way too much for myself. But our body and mind need to express themselves and this excess of privacy was translated in psoriasis, nerves and insomnia in my case. And being this way for around 30 years is certainly not healthy.

When I met Eva, I wouldn’t say I was sceptical about the craniosacral therapy but I was definitely new in this world. She started to explain to me how this therapy works and its benefits and the fact that she could communicate this complex world in such a simple way made me feel very comfortable and I felt I could trust her, so I gave in.

As soon as we started our sessions, everything changed. When in therapy, I felt emotions and my body had reactions that I had never experienced before. Needless to say that this therapy was truly helpful to me but, even more importantly, it was healing me.

I would highly recommend not only the craniosacral therapy itself but also Eva as a professional in this field. Her passion, knowledge and always caring attitude are vital to feel comfortable and enjoy this wonderful world.”

Consu Ramirez

”I first visited Eva through a recommendation from a work colleague when I was experiencing stress. The work is gentle yet powerful and I am definitely feeling much more calmer and able to cope better after just 3 sessions!
Thank you Eva!”

Sheila Latorre